Works for Others

I occasionally do work facilitating the vision of other artists in a technical capacity.  This spawned from my background in audio engineering (ie, making records) and has evolved to include installation and interaction design.


This is a piece by Bill Fontana, exhibited at SFMOMA, which ran from Nov 2010 until Nov 2011.  Joseph Digerness, an Arup colleague and I did the technical design and control logic programming. From the press materials:

“Commissioned for SFMOMA’s 75th anniversary in 2010, a site-specific installation by San Francisco-based sound art pioneer Bill Fontana explores both visible and invisible features of the museum building. Sonic Shadows reveals the internal resonance of structural elements like the fifth-floor pedestrian truss bridge and boiler room pipes, transforming them into musical instruments. This sound sculpture uses moving ultrasonic speakers and vibration sensors to transform the space below the dramatic circular skylight, surrounding the fifth-floor pedestrian bridge, into an acoustic drawing in real time. As visitors cross over the bridge, their footfalls contribute to real-time recordings of ambient sounds. While Fontana’s past collaborations with SFMOMA relocated environmental sounds from the regional landscape, this new work creates a live composition generated by the building itself.”


This was a small piece for Topher Delaney exhibited at the Don Soker Gallery in SF.  This somewhat absurdist piece was a comment on the insidious levels of surveillance in our contemporary society.  I did a bit of interaction design + programming for this one.


This was an album I recorded, mixed and co-produced with the inimitable Rakalam Bob Moses.  Making this album was the most enriching experience I ever had in the music studio world.  It was an intense journey with a wonderful soul (Rakalam), and I am forever grateful for having had the opportunity to be a part of it.


The Popsicles!

Hoot! Comp! 2!


And more…


This is a record I mixed + mastered for the group Triplepoint (Pauline OliverosDoug Van NortJonas Braasch and Stuart Dempster).  it was released on the Deep Listening label.  Sound Shadows and Sonic Shadows — weird, right?