Put Out the Lights and Cry is a rec I recorded with my wonderful wife, Emily Shisko.  Back in those days we were called Kettle Stitches, we were a rock band, and we were on the Whitehaus Family Record.  A couple of my favorite tracks from the album are:

The Barnstable County Waltz:

Spring’s Eternal Work:

Division Road:


Here’s an oldie — this track is called Washroom, because the main percussive element is plastic bathroom trash can of a house I used to live in.  The house was almost entirely tiled.  Also, all the electrical outlets were installed upside-down.  We did have a ping-pong table though.

This’s another called Black, Dead and Cracked Heart. It was after a bad breakup/kind of an intense time.  I like it though — in spirit I’m wicked goth, so…


Presumed to be (by its members and close associates) the greatest band of all time.  We were very young and full of hope.

Live: crappy recording, great performance.  No Choke Czechs from the Juice Bar in Orleans, MA.  Featuring Morgan Shaker!

In the barn: Operation Hobart, from our tape.  Featuring Atom Foam!